Tie the Flies

“You can’t say enough about fishing. Though the sport of Kings, it’s just what the deadbeat ordered.” – Thomas McGuane

Over the past couple of weeks I have been able to get out with the fly rod and try for that elusive first fish. I have yet to catch that fish. Still, I have enjoyed the serenity and the challenge of fly fishing. Something about it makes it seem a bit more “Fair Game”. It’s a kind of like bow hunting for deer versus using a rifle. You still need to know how and where to hunt, but the challenge and the intimacy of the hunt is greater. I think once I catch that first fish the satisfaction of that catch will be that much more superior than any other catch I’ve made.

I have had some success however, throwing the more mainstream spinning rod these past weeks. My go to pond for bluegill held a few surprises for me, as I landed a catfish which I didn’t know even inhabited those waters. The pond also gave up a Rio Grande Cichlid, only the second I have ever caught, that really was the highlight of my escapades. Mostly because I was actually able to get a picture this time, when there is no one with you and no pictures… it pretty much means it didn’t happen. So here’s my proof.

In other news, we are back in the fly tying game after our tying group was on hiatus for a couple weeks. I waited til the last minute and ran out to Bass Pro Shop on a lunch break to get a vise and tools for myself before we met that evening, so I can now continue to tie flies at home. I have even built a new tying table/desk in preparation for it. Norma still has a better knack for tying than I do at this point, but hopefully it will start coming a little more natural for me.

We go to our local Orvis for our tying nights and there is a great group of guys and gals there that have really been welcoming and fun to hang out with. If you’re near an Orvis location I would highly recommend trying out one of their classes (it’s more of a hangout session with fly tying involved). Also our local store for the next couple of weeks is going to be holding tying nights for a non-profit called Reel Recovery that takes recovering cancer patients out to fly fish. We will be tying flies for them to fish with and to also take home with them after. It’s a great cause and I’m glad we will have a chance to participate. Again, if you are near one of their locations check and see if they are participating and try to get involved (there may even be a free beer or two in it for you).

I’ll keep you all updated on the ever elusive first fish on the fly, and share some of our charity flies in the next post. I may even have a few videos of some home tied flies coming soon. Thanks for reading and we’ll talk at you later.

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